Interesting Landscape Designs

Landscape designs are rarely boring unless the designer intentionally meant for it to be and the client requests are being met.  Every year people around the world arm themselves with shovels, hammers, drills and other tools with one mission in mind. That mission is to create a really cool and different look for their lawn and garden.

landscape photo, plants and shrubs

Many of the nicest designs are also some of the smartest layouts because of how people choose to use decorations that they already have sitting around. Adding patio covers and outdoor music speakers, draping decks with flowers or even adding a touch of jazz and pizzazz to trellises and walkways, are some of the creative things that people are doing.

Outdoor Lighting

If you have been seriously contemplating adding a few touch ups here and there around your yard, keep in mind that it is not as hard as it may seem. You can keep it as simple as adding a few light fixtures along the driveway or walkway as complicated as adding a few bushes and marble statues. Do you have a few thoughts in mind about shapes? Maybe you have been thinking about adding a few new features like a small fancy pond for your fish and turtles.

landscape lighting at dusk

Your pond doesn’t even have to have water in it. You can lay out rocks and flowers into a combination that gives the impression of a river or even a waterfall. If you are someone who truly appreciates nature, you can find a ton of ideas from a drive in the woods or mountains.

Not only can a lot of inspiration be found for your current project, but it is possible that your quest for ideas will also turn up a few thoughts on how your layout can be next year. With a few twists and turns, next year’s creation may just top this year’s idea. Keeping an open mind throughout this season will also help with the flexibility of your current set up.

There are simply so many different features available for laying out your living space that it would be quite hard to run out of ideas for your landscape designs.  You never know you might win future design awards. Most of the features are very affordable and in many cases can be built using a great deal of supplies that you already have lying around. You may have already come up with a few ideas while reading this article.

In the last year, your mind may have been set on specific shapes such as square, circle or rectangles. This year feel free to live on the edge. Create an oddly shaped entertainment area for family and friends while they are visiting. Feel free to re-purpose a few pallets and tree stumps for seating.

landscape fountain with running water

An interesting note about re-purposing pallets is that you can easily make standing gardens for planting delicious grapes, big beautiful red tomatoes or even just simple pretty vines. When positioned correctly and set up with a nice waterscape, pallets can make beautiful waterfalls.

Take a little time and embrace your imagination. You can accomplish a very nice setting by putting a little thought into your landscape designs.