Is Your Landscape in Season


A makeover for your landscape might be well overdue. Will your layout this year resemble one of the beautiful sceneries you may have seen in one of your local parks? Maybe you have been thinking about a design award or a special theme from the East or hardscape from the West. While we are waiting to do so, let’s make sure that we at least have the tools we will need to accomplish our task.

The two most basic tools that come to mind first is a lawn and garden cart or a very sturdy wheelbarrow. The only thing that I can think of that would work much better than that is to have a nice electrical or small motor driven cart with a couple of seats and maybe a covering for shade. We will need to go with whatever is at our disposal for transporting our gardening tools.

But First

Before getting started on our backyard ideas or patio cover, this season’s landscape masterpiece, let’s double-check our tools for wear and tear. It would be a very sad situation to have an amazing design ready to go, but no tools to make it happen. Out with the old ragged stuff and in with the new ready to work utensils.

Working with dirt: bring on the cultivators that you have been wanting to use since last year. Do we have the pointy nose shovel and a gravel rake ready to make the rough ground smooth? What about the other most basic tools for turning the soil and removing debris? Most of the work that is going to take place before seeing this season’s dream come true will be in carving the earth.

Trimming grass and shrubs:  hopefully, last year you remembered to clean your pruners, shears, and trimming tools before you put them away. In addition to proper cleaning and storage, it would be great if oil was applied to any moving parts to prevent rust and freezing. This particular set of tools is largely considered a part of your master gardener craftsman set of tools. These are considered so important because they are used to fix flaws, shape and even reshape the art that you have created in the yard.

Hedges and trees: although electric and gas run trimmers can be found at almost any hardware or gardening shop, having a set of manual trimmers makes it possible to take a more detailed hands-on approach to your design. The neater appearance and quick removal of undesired topiary are a couple of the best advantages of using hand pruners.

Before we wrap up the landscape discussion about the lawn and garden tools that we need to create our masterpiece, there are a few more items that must be covered. It goes without mention that having a lawn without a lawn mower would not make much sense. Throughout the season, one of the main attractions in the yard is a healthy and neat lawn.

Last but not least check all sprinkler system parts. It is important that the sprinkler hoses and connections are checked for leaks that may have resulted from a winter freeze.

Now, go have a lot of fun getting your